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The PBM-12000 machine comes with a torque accepting mandrel, built with a worm gear drive unit for extra torque to handle extra thick pipe walls. This machine can bevel, face, and counter-bore 1.25” wall.

• Lock in mandrel blades (no springs to lose)

• Adjustable key way on machine and mandrel (eliminates backlash and chatter)

• 3hp pneumatic motor

• 78 lbs. approximate working weight

• Hardened mandrel 55 Rc. (less chance of gouging with metal chips)

• Three slots to do beveling, facing, deburring or counter-boring

• Single mandrel with mandrel blades to cover size ranges

PBM-12000 (all kits include: two tool bits, carrying case, tools for the machine and manual)
PBM 12000 with 115volt motor PBM-12-10-E
PBM 12000 with 230volt motor PBM-12-10-E-230
PBM 12000 with air motor PBM-12-10
 Optional Mandrels for PBM-12000  
3" to 8" Mandrel  PBM-8912
6" to 12" Standard Mandrel  PBM-1202
Cutter Head for PBM-12000  
12" Cutter Head  PBM-6080
 Tool Bits for PBM-12000  
37.5 degree bevel bit (lower range) TB-2905
37.5 degree bevel bit (upper range) TB-2906
30 degree bevel bit (lower range) TB-2930
30 degree bevel bit (upper range) TB-2931
45 degree bevel bit (lower range) TB-2913
45 degree bevel bit (upper range) TB-2914
"J" bevel bit (lower range) 25 degree TB-2915
"J" bevel bit (upper range) 25 degree TB-2916
Facing bit TB-2904
C-Bore 14.5 degree (lower range) TB-2907
C-Bore 14.5 degree (middle range) TB-2908
C-Bore 14.5 degree (upper range) TB-2909
C-Bore 10 degree (lower range) TB-2910
C-Bore 10 degree (middle range) TB-2911
C-Bore 10 degree (upper range) TB-2912
Note: Machine Kit includes one TB-2906 and one TB-2904

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