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The PBM-2500 machine is light weight, just 13 lbs. and is designed to bevel boiler tubes. 
The to
ol bits are held in by our optional wedge lock system.

The torque accepting mandrel with lock in blades (no springs) easily stops any pieces from dropping down into the boiler tube. Our gear drive unit has spiral bevel gears for better torque (more teeth engagement, compared to standard straight gears that other competitors use).

• Lock in mandrel blades (no springs to lose)

• Adjustable key-way on machine and mandrel (eliminates backlash and chatter)

• .75 hp pneumatic motor

• 13 lbs. approximate working weight

• Hardened mandrel 55 Rc.  (less chance of gouging with metal chips)

• Tool bit is held in by our wedge lock system
  (keeps the tool bit locked in the cutter head to ensure chatter free bevels)

• Single mandrel with mandrel blades to cover size ranges

 PBM-2500 (all kits include: two tool bits, carrying case, tools for the machine and manual)
PBM 2500 with 115volt motor PBM-2500-10-E
PBM 2500 with 230volt motor PBM-2500-10-E-230
PBM 2500 with air motor PBM-2500-10
 Optional Mandrel for PBM-2500  
1/2" to 1" Mandrel  PBM-2590
 Tool Bits for PBM-2500  
37.5 degree heavy duty bevel bit TB-1122
Facing bit TB-1123
37.5 degree bevel bit TB-1124
30 degree heavy duty bevel bit TB-1125
25 degree "J" bevel bit (upper range) TB-1128
25 degree "J" bevel bit (lower range) TB-1128L
Note: Machine Kit includes one TB-1123 and one TB-1124

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