SP 18-48

OD MOUNT / AIR OR  ELECTRIC_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hydraulic Performance:
Rated Pressure: P=16 Mpa
Rated Flux: Q=25L/min 
Hyd Motor Rate: n=200r/min       
Output Torque: M=206N.M
Electric Motor Power N=5KW       
Electric Motor Rate: n=1450r/min
Timing Range: 0 - 30r/min

NC Servo Performance:
Power Supply: 220v, 380v, or 440v
Rated Power: N=1~2.5KW
Rated Frequency; F=50~60Hz
Timing Range: 0-30r/min

Both machines have adjustable speed
rates to help control cutting and beveling on thick wall pipes.

 SP 18-48 (all kits include: two tool bits, carrying case, tools for the machine and manual)
 Hydraulic Motor  
SP24 Kit (18" - 24") SP24-H
SP30 Kit (24" - 30") SP30-H
SP36 Kit (30" - 36") SP36-H
SP42 Kit (36" - 42") SP42-H
SP48 Kit (42" - 48") SP48-H
 Hydraulic Power Supply Unit with Remote Control HYD-100
 NC Servo Motor  
SP24 Kit (18" - 24") SP24-NC
SP30 Kit (24" - 30") SP30-NC
SP36 Kit (30" - 36") SP36-NC
SP42 Kit (36" - 42") SP42-NC
SP48 Kit (42" - 48") SP48-NC
 NC Servo Power Supply Unit with Remote Control SERVO-100
 Note: for 230v motor please add 230 on to part number (ex: SP3-10-E-230)
 Tool Bits for SP 18-48  
30 degree bevel bit  TB-6950
37.5 degree bevel bit TB-6951
30 degree right hand bevel bit TB-6952
37.5 degree right hand bevel bit TB-6953
30 degree left hand bevel bit TB-6954
37.5 degree left hand bevel bit TB-6955
10/30 degree compound bevel bit TB-6956
Sever bit (left hand) TB-6957
Sever bit (right hand) TB-6958
Sever double bevel bit TB-6959
 Note: Machine Kit includes one TB-6953 and one TB-6958

OD Mount Beveling Machines

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