SP 3-30

OD MOUNT / AIR OR ELECTRIC _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Our precision OD Mount Machines are designed to operate in tight areas.  This allows easy weld setup that is critical to pipe welding operations.  Our Split Frame Machine can do both cut-off and end prep at the same time.  We offer tool bits for Standard & Compound Beveling to fit your requirements.

Beveling is done by cold cutting methods and can be used in areas where thermal cutting is unacceptable.  These machines will produce machine type finishes without causing heat affected zones.  The Otto Tool Bulldog Line of Split Frame Machines are easy to set up with self-centering mounting pads, saving time on labor when down time is a critical issue.

Our Split Frame Machines offer four types of power units- Pneumatic, Electric, NC Servo w/Remote Control and Hydraulic Power w/Remote Control, for complete speed control and power.

• High performance electric motor allows the torque required to bevel from 1” to 30” pipe

• The motors contain specially designed reduction gears the help increase the torque while reducing the speed of the electric motor

• Various RPM rates are available to meet different range requirements

 SP 3-30 (all kits include: two tool bits, carrying case, tools for the machine and manual)
 Electric (110v or 230v Motor)   
SP6 Kit (2" - 6") SP6-10-E
SP12 Kit (6" - 12") SP12-10-E
SP18 Kit (12" - 18") SP18-10-E
SP24 Kit (18" - 24") SP24-10-E
 Note: for 230v motor please add 230 on to part number (ex: SP3-10-E-230)
 Note: for sizes above 24" please see our Split Frame with the Servo Motor
 Air Motor  
SP6 Kit (2" - 6") SP6-10
SP12 Kit (6" - 12") SP12-10
SP18 Kit (12" - 18") SP18-10
SP24 Kit (18" - 24") SP24-10
SP30 Kit (18" - 30") SP30-10
Tool Bits for SP 3-30  
30 degree bevel bit  TB-6950
37.5 degree bevel bit TB-6951
30 degree right hand bevel bit TB-6952
37.5 degree right hand bevel bit TB-6953
30 degree left hand bevel bit TB-6954
37.5 degree left hand bevel bit TB-6955
10/30 degree compound bevel bit TB-6956
Sever bit (left hand) TB-6957
Sever bit (right hand) TB-6958
Sever double bevel bit TB-6959
Note: Machine Kit includes one TB-6953 and one TB-6958

OD Mount Beveling Machines
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